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Ayurveda is the Science of Health


  Synergising Healing Power Of Herbs

  100% Natural & Vegetarian
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 Antioxidant, Anti-ageing
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 Digestive Care/ Constipation
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Lunar Biopharma is a result of visionary ambition, uncompromising commitment and a shared dream which brings together science of prevention of diseases through the finest quality bio-active herbal remedies.

We believe in shifting the current health paradigm from curative to preventive medicine with a strong focus on developing natural and safe products based on extracts found in nature which are used in fighting and preventing lifestyle diseases.

Lunar, we value the reputation for excellence and quality that we have earned through research based products developed indigenously in-house by a team of scientists and technologists.

Synergy of Science with Nature to Get the Nature’s Wisdom with Ancient Science


Stay Near To Nature


Advanced Pelletization

State-of-the-art Pelletization Technology ensures consistent release of medicaments for a longer duration.

100% Natural & Vegetarian

Bioactive Herbal Remedies

Scientifically established remedies to serve our consumers with excellent quality products.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices ensure high quality standards.

Synergy of Science

We believe in synergy of ancient bioactive natural remedies to counter effects of chronic illnesses.

Consumer Focused

Focus on identifying and anticipating customer needs, emphasizing on preventive therapies through our range of nutritional herbal products.


It can be performed at any time very easily, even while sitting in the office or traveling Long distances. This will largely benefit the human being to eliminate and reverse the toxic effects of stress, pollution and sedentary lifestyles

Along with this Hasta Mudras, the use of Nutraceutical Energy Supplements will Bring Enrichment to Life.

Lunar believes in SYNERGY – synergy of ancient bioactive natural remedies,
The power of preventive “Yogic Science of Hasta Mudras” and meditation to counter the damaging Effects of chronic illnesses such as early ageing, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disorders,
Neurological disorders, constipation, osteoporosis, liver and kidney health etc., arising due to lack of exercise and proper nutrition. From consumer insights to final production, we take a Solistic approach with Holistic care. Our focus is, identifying and anticipating consumer needs by emphasizing on preventive therapies through our range of natural, multi-nutritional herbal products that offer real user benefits.


Dr Umakant Bajaj

(B.Pharm., MSc., Ph.D. in Pharmacology)
Thinker Researcher


Harish Narula

Founder & CEO

At tuned to the principles of Mother Nature, Ayurveda is the ‘Science of Health’ fully portrayed by philosophy. Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom; it is the ‘love of wisdom’.

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